Thankful list

I need to get back to writing in here. I need to get back to writing in many places.

As a start, my thankful list:

  1. Smelly lotions. I love my coffee smelling lotion. It helps put me in my happy place
  2. Sebastian’s art. He is a crazy talented kiddo and I am glad that his therapists help foster that and it’s a reminder we need to work on that at home.
  3. Possibly going to the upcoming Supernatural con
  4. Fight Song…never heard of it till last night. Dang near brought me to tears
  5. New geek mom friends on fb
  6. Hooping
  7. Our little family, we are crazy stressed again and biting each others head off but we are working through it. There is to much to lose to not fight for it.

State of Me

Really where do I start?

Eh, I could spare the details and say I am a hot mess who should go back on meds but really don’t want too as they took care of my anxiety but caused many other issues.

Rather the moving forward and feeling better, I feel like I did when Sam was in the NICU

I don’t know…

Just trying to maintain