Only Two

Well today marked the offical day of only two baby P’s for myself and the husband. It’s a bittersweet day really if you ask me.

Before having the boys, we had discussed two kids and decided on that many. I don’t think we would have more but the having the option would have been nice. However after the struggles and difficulties with the little one’s pregnancy I was told that I would be super high risk and it was suggested to not have anymore kiddos. I don’t think I could deal with all the issues of this pregnancy again let along another possible NICU journey so we ended out chances of another baby today.

I don’t know it’s weird thinking about it and processing it.

Something that needed to happen but yet kind of feel like the choice of saying I don’t want any more kids was taken away if that makes sense.


A New Beginning

Well I deleted my From Diapers to Shimmies blog I was trying to start but never really got anywhere with it.

Now that the Brothers P will soon be home and life will change as we know it, I figured it was time to start a joint blog.

A blog for me to talk about my life as a working mother of two boys who arrived early, 34 weeks in August 2011 and 26 weeks in August of 21012.

So here we go and bear with me as I get this set up.