Along with most Internet places I have neglected posting anything of substance.

Boys are keeping me busy

Work us driving me insane

Looking forward to a break next week.


I used to post pictures pretty regularly on DeviantArt then well back to back kiddos happened. So I haven’t posted much but recently signed in to find out my gallery was featured. I loved the description the person used:

One look at her entire gallery and the word “ALIVE” came to my mind. This wasn’t the gallery of just a dancer or a digital artist, this gallery felt as if it was filled with pictures of an adventurous life. I’m not sure whether she uses DA as her life scrapbook or not but I was amazed because I felt like she was documenting everything she comes across, finds, or where she goes. And it’s not like she sees a flower and submits a page full of pictures of the same flower, no! This gallery literally feels like a life scrapbook, it’s interesting, it’s cute and it’s quite unique. Definitely worth a browse!

I feel it’s a very accurate description of how I take pictures

See it here