It’s all about the therapy

It’s going to be a busy world, not that it already isn’t but it’s getting just a bit busier.

Today Baz had his final testing for his speech therapy evaluation. Today they looked his motor skills and cognitive skills.

They haven’t told us the results of that yet but they did say he is delayed with expressive communication and social communication. He is going to be having speech therapy once a week for who knows how long.

The lady who came out today still needed to score the items she worked on today and then next week we are all meeting to discuss his plan.

The only other thing I know is Sam’s teacher will be Sebastian’s teacher. So not to confuse Sebastian, the OT who cames out once in awhile to work with Sam will be working with him from now on.

So life will be about speech therapy, physical therapy, occupation therapy/early intervention. Here’s to hoping nothing else gets added to the mix.

I am tired and struggle to find time to work on things with the boys but thankfully the sweetie does do something with each boy during the day while I am at work.

It’s really a lot of stuff to process.

Bad mother

I should this off with I know I am not one but today I feel like a bad mother.

I feel like a bad mother because we will and likely be stuck in this apartment another year. They need more space. Sebastian needs more space to run and be two.

I feel like a bad mom because I didn’t start asking about Sebastian’s lack of speech earlier. I am glad he will be getting therapy now but wonder if I should have asked sooner.

I feel like a bad mother because I struggle to work from home on Mondays. Sebastian doesn’t understand mommy is working and can’t play.

I feel like a bad mom because Sam isn’t meeting all of his PT goals. I wish I had more time to work with him.

/just a rough Monday in my world