Funerals and conventions

So life has been crazy and I have lacked any motivation to write. I have lacked anything to really write about as well.

I have been to 2 funerals recently, I should say more memorials I guess then funerals. They tend to get me thinking a lot.

The first one was for a convention friend, it was a moving memorial. Who would think a memorial at a sci fi convention could be so moving? I cried and was a blithering mess after the first person spoke.

The 2nd one was for my aunt. I didn’t cry and I was told how I look good. Crazy thing, I wish I could be happy hearing that. I am not because I don’t look good because of any sort of wonderful workout or diet. Nope, I totally went with the unhealthy way, stress and running myself crazy ragged.

They both got me thinking about how I need to be better with keeping in touch with people. Also that I should work on making amends with the family.

I also went to a convention which I had a bit of a light bulb moment. I think I am done with them. The two I go to here, they have changed a lot and just not the same for me. Then of course the kiddos make it complicated.