List of happy

I intended to post this yesterday

Good things from the previous week

– birthday cake Oreos
-getting to take Baz to speech therapy
-computer working better
– junior mints
-celebrating Rogers birthday
-making it to Friday
-filing taxes

And bonus

– hitting 100 days of hooping again

Weekly Happy List

I am going to try and write out happy/good things from the week on Sundays

one good happy thing from Monday:
-Quiet time for my coffee

One good thing from Tuesday
-I liked the frosty morning picture I took and posted on IG and in my 365

One good thing from Wednesday
-Seeing Kayla from the U of M in pre op. Kayla is a lady who works in Child Family Life services. She was at the U back in 1991 when I was there as a teenager and spent 3 months in the hospital. It was fun catching up with her (and that she remembered me) and seeing she still is great with kids. She helped get Sam all sorts of fun toys and bubbles to keep him calm while we waited

One good thing from Thursday
-Sam getting out of the hospital (and a bonus….watching Baz take pictures of his toys. I can only hope he likes photography like I do)

One good thing from Friday
-Steak dinner

one good thing from Saturday
-new jamberry nail wraps on my fingers and signing up to be a consultant.

Life has been a bit…

overwhelming of late so hence the radio silence here.

I really wanted to work on writing more often here even if it was as simple as my happy lists. Heck I haven’t even been able to keep those up either.

Work life has been really busy.

One of the kids medical issues is keeping me busy.

My thyroid levels are extremely hypo so I am hoping the new med dosage helps but it’s not feeling like it is.

That’s life in a nutshell around here.

New Year, new attempt at writing

The biggest thing I have been trying to do this new year ( I know all 4 days of it) is write 5 good/happy things.

My anxiety has been insane so I am swiping the idea from a friend


I think I will write them in the book but also here. It’s a good place I think.

I am also trying the 365 project again. I need to renew my Flickr do I can update there and FB. I may add them here too